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   Award Winning     
         Bar-B-Que Sauce 
      With a Rich Heritage.  

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"Creating a world class premium bar-b-que sauce by crossing cultural and regional boundaries of flavors and communities."

Our company produces a premium bar-b-que sauce that is gluten free, high fructose corn syrup free, with no added preservatives and it is designed to entice taste buds of all bar-b-que sauce lovers. 

Meet James and Elsie Turner, Co-Founders of JT's Original Louisiana Bar-B-Que Sauce. James and Elsie Turner are from Shreveport, Louisiana but have lived in the Gig Harbor Area for 30 years! 


They previously owned and operated Bar-B-Que restaurants in the local Gig Harbor area for a number of years and have now moved towards bottling their award winning sauces and putting them onto shelves of stores such as PCC Community Markets, Harbor Greens, Heritage Distilling and more.



Get some and you'll see why folks say they can't get enough of JT's Original Louisiana Bar-B-Que Sauce and keep coming back for more. The proof is in the bottle!

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